Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year, new colours, new projects... oh wait - maybe I should finish my thesis...

Hello yous. Happy New Year!! So I had a fantastic time in the Peg for Christmas. Best ever. It was amazing to see my parents, sister and grandparents, as well as my friends and of course my incredibly awesome boyfriend AJ. All my knitted gifts have been given, but silly me, I forgot to take pictures of them before giving them away, so all of you better send me some pics of you in my knitted things so I can post them. Or else no more knitted anything for you! Seriously please take a picture and email it to me so I can post it. Please? Thank you. Wallis took this picture of me knitting my friend Pre's tuque the week before I went home. She is so adorable. She has this uncanny way of stating the obvious in a really cute voice. "Tarra (pronounced - to my disgust - Tah-rra instead of Tear-ra) you love knitting, aye (pronounced I)?"

Just knitting some slippers for my friend Ben who is living in London and finding it a wee bit cold. What a wuss. Haha, London is like Mexico compared to Winnipeg. Harden up boy. Says me who found the "beautiful" (according to my Mum) -10C FREEZING while I was home. I actually should be writing my thesis. Right now, and everyday for the next 2 months. But come on. Like I am not going to try to squeeze in as much knitting/crocheting as possible. Even if I have to stay up a half an hour later at night to fit some in. I can't give up my craft. I just can't. It makes me happy.

Fortunately Sidonie took some photos of a few things I knitted for her, Jenny and Wallis ages ago, that I haven't posted yet, so I can use those for awhile and not worry about having to finish things to post here. Cheating, I know, but better than nothing, aye?

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