Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Knitting

I knit this toque for Jered (Chelsea's man) last year or the year before. It's funny, it has relaxed since I knit it, but the top part forms a cone and won't loosen up. So it pops up off Jered's head. I decided to knit him a new one and kept this one because I like how it makes me look like an elf or a pixie.

At the craft sale a lady that was working one of the make-up tables came by and loved this hat I made that was small, for a child, but her baby is only a year old so she knew it would be too big. I knit her one exactly the same but for a little baby's head. The problem is, I can't find her number now! I hope I find it soon before her baby's head grows out of it and before winter is over...

My partner from Novartis, Robin, and his family came by my stand at the craft sale and his adorable wife decided the family all needed new toques. So they all put in their orders and this is what they got. I measured their heads to make sure I knit hats that fit. Robin is the only one I am concerned about. His head is quite large and I just hope I made his hat big enough!

On the way home for Christmas (on the drive from Regina to Winnipeg) My darling sister Chelsea drove the entire way so I could knit these little ditties up. I started them as we left Regina and when we got to Brandon, we were supposed to swap spots. I was already on the second one and Chels decided to let me finish them and drive the whole way.

So when we got to Winnipeg, all I had left to do was felt them! And they are so awesome. I love them. They are comfortable (because of the double sole) and so warm!! Finally some slippers for myself :)

I have so much knitting to do in this new year. I am working on some legwarmers for my bff Andrea, and just finished some fingerless mitts for her. She bought the wool a few months ago and I said I would knit them for her, but kind of got side tracked with the craft sale and Christmas and stuff. I also have to knit a couple hats for my cousin Jana's friend, a baby dress for Nikki's baby girl Sloane, and some slipper boots for Chels and my mum, and get started on craft sale stuff so I am not so rushed next November. So much knitting I don't know how I am going to do it. But maybe I can knit some stuff up during my two weeks in Mexico next month?