Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Seriously. How the hell is it June already? I'm getting married in less than 2 months!!! Yay!!!

So here are some little hats I crocheted for my friend Pippa's baby girl (due in July). Hopefully they will fit her, I tend to make baby hats on the small side most of the time - not on purpose. I think these should be okay.

In between knitting my wedding hearts I have been knitting a little sweater for my good friends Pre and Leanne's baby (also due in July). I cannot wait to find out what their baby is (boy/girl) because I want to knit more for them but want it to be more gender specific.

I am hoping it fits baby Pre next fall and can keep him/her toasty for the chilly mountain nights. Hope you like it Lee!!

Oh, one last pic. Here is our sweet little puppy we get to take home on June 21st. We are going to call him Bones. He is a Weimaraner and I am absolutely in love with him. He is so sweet. I cannot wait to have him home!!

Come on, you love him, you know you do :)