Thursday, August 7, 2008

No excuses... really.

Ok, sorry. So a lot of shit has been happening. Yeah, so I moved to Saskatoon and was jobless and broke for what seemed like forever. But I got a lot of painting done in our house and went from absolutely hating our house to absolutely loving it. It's quite amazing what paint can do, isn't it? Here are some before and after pics.

Guest room before:

Disgusting nauseating torqouisey blue, hideous.

Guest room after:
Beautiful green, soft and delightful.

Then there is the HEINOUS purple rooms. I will let you know that not only was my get-ready room (girl closet, my office) a revolting purple, but the bathroom was the exact same colour, and the ceiling matched. Barf.

You hate it. I know you do because it makes me sick too... Just imagine a dark small bathroom with a dark purple ceiling. Disgusting.

So now the office is a softer, prettier, lighter brownish/purple. My room. I friggin love it.

And AJ and his dad put up a shower in our bathroom after I painted it a pleasant blue, with a white ceiling and I LOVE the bathroom now.

Our bedroom is ok. It matches the main room, a tolerable taupe colour. I can handle it, what I can't handle is that the idiots that painted it were completely careless and painted all over the ceiling as well. But I will fix it, because I take pride in our house.

And don't even get me STARTED on our backyard. The dipshits that owned the house before had a pond in the back. We didn't want it and they were to take it and leave the yard intact (fix it afterwards). They took the pond, but left 3 giant craters in our yard. We had to fill the craters and sod the yard. I'll be honest, I had a hand in filling the craters with dirt, but AJ's family did all the sod-laying. Thank you McCannells!

Now I absolutely LOVE our backyard.

Ok, so I should probably get into my job a bit. But it's late and I am tired and I don't feel like it. Just know that so far - love it. Think it will be awesome. But because this is a knitting blog, here are a couple oldies but not yet blogged knitted things.

First up, a headband I knitted myself. Pattern is from the website. I love it. It's called quant and it rocks. But I have to say that I did use the modification by MissJen, because as much as I am all for asymmetry, symmetry looks better on this headband.

Next is the boy hat I made for Liam, my good friend in NZ, who wanted a brim camo hat. I tried to get camo by using a strand of camo varigated and a strand of brown, but this is what came out. Still pretty money. Hopefully he likes it!

Oh yeah, this is Bruno, my cousin Jana's chihuahua who I adore. He is so friggin cute!!

Ok and even though I'm not gonna get into my job details tonight, here are some pics of me driving what I WISH was my company car. It's a Chevy Silverado that I had on loan until my Dodge Caravan (SO NOT as hot) was done being serviced and detailed. I felt like a monster driving this truck. I want one.

Ok. Well that about does it for tonight. I hope that this has been enjoyable for those that feel I have been slacking (which I have). I promise I will try to be more on top of it. I am crocheting AJ and I a beautiful multi-coloured afghan for the winter, because we will need it. And then it is right into Christmas pressies. Stay tuned y'all!!