Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Have you ever seen a cuter baby? I don't think I have! Look at those eyes. He will definitely be a heartbreaker some day :)

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This is the little blue hat I was knitting in the car with the kiwis. It is a little baby aviator hat knit in a soft baby blue yarn. I have to say it's a pretty cute hat. I got the pattern for free off the Ravelry website (as usual).

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November Fun

So my friend Kate Yakimow had a little baby girl in December and when I visited with her while in Toronto I got to cuddle her. Beautiful little baby Leo. I knit her this dress. I got the pattern off the Ravelry website for free. It's called Little Sister Dress and it is a fantastic pattern. Knit in the round so no seams (I hate sewing up) and very quick. I have had many ladies ask for a big girl version :)

While Jenny, Wallis and Sidonie were here in Canada (Winnipeg) for my wedding, I spent a lot of time knitting. I was knitting the little blue aviator hat for Leland in this picture. We had lots of shopping trips and my mum would drive to I would knit in the back seat. A bit squishy with all three of us in the back, but fun being with my little kiwi sisters again. It was amazing having them here. A huge honour that they would make the trip.

We got our skiddy, ugly sliding doors taken out and a big window put in at the front. It still needs to be finished up, but we are really happy, it looks so much better. AJ was watching the hockey game with Bones in this picture. Bones is so funny, he actually does watch tv sometimes.

And here is he being superdog. We love when he stretches out like this. He's a very funny little dog.

Lastly I have a multi-coloured toque I knit for myself. I had originally used this wool to knit myself a scarf about 5 years ago. I never wore the scarf, even though I love the wool so much. Then I frogged it and knit a baggy toque. Didn't like that either. This is my newest knit with this wool. We'll see how much use it gets this winter. I like it a lot better as this toque than the other things.

I have a table at a craft sale on November 27th, 28th and 29th at Wilson's Greenhouse here in Saskatoon. So far I have knit 26 adult toques and 3 child toques. I am a knitting machine. All improvised designs and every one is different. Will post pictures of my toques next time. Off to the dog park with Bones :)