Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Favourite

So Melissa is due on September 30th (although we all think she could go any minute now) and I needed to make baby McCannell something adorable. Since Ian and Melissa chose not to find out what they were having, I will have to make this in blue or green too, but started with pink. Are these not the cutest little booties EVER?

When I saw the pattern I knew they would become a favourite of mine for babies. I love making cute things that are cute even to people who don't use that word. Jered and AJ both think these are very cute. That means they are awesome. They are however, not as easy as a lot of little tiny things I am used to making. They are definitely worth it, but my first run through these took longer than your average bootie takes me. I am hoping that the next pair will be easier, and so on.

I plan on making another pair in case they have a boy. And of course, a couple pairs for my baby. They are just too cute. I have two sweaters on the go for myself, and they are both close to completion. I basically just have to finish the collar/neck on both of them, and then sew them up. I am hoping to finish both this weekend.

Then on to more baby stuff!