Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I honestly didn't think I could do it

But I did. I have completed my thesis. It's all done. I know that tomorrow when Chris goes through the entire thing from start to finish, he will have a few suggestions and I will have to make some changes, but it is done. And if I had to hand it in tomorrow, I could. Yay!!

Below is a picture of Leanne with one of the headbands I knit her. It is one of my favorite patterns. It takes probably 45 minutes to knit start to finish and it is just awesome. I have 2 of them. I knit Leanne 2. You can get 2 out of a ball of yarn that is 85 metres long - seriously, how can you go wrong?

Here is Lee and Pre, he is wearing the tuque I knit him for Christmas. I love the wool. I wanted it to go camoflage when knit, but it ended up being stripey. It's ok though, the colours are still good.

Well, it's dinner time and I am going home to look over my thesis with Jenny. I would like her input before I get Chris' tomorrow. He is sort of pedantic and if I go through her first I know where he is being reasonable and where he is just being nit-picky.

Almost there! Yay!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day treat

I got home at 8pm last night from work to find that AJ, aka the best boyfriend in the world, literally, had sent me the most beautiful flowers for Valentine's day. I had a very long, very bad day yesterday (see below), and I couldn't imagine a nicer thing to come home to. He just makes me smile. Adorable little Wallis asked me how you can send flowers from Canada.

Below is a picture of the black hat I made that was too big. Nobody with a big head wanted it so I felted it and I like how it fits much better now. I wore it the other day, but since it is summer down here, wool hats are not really necessary. It'll come in handy in Canada in the spring though.

It's Friday, but weekends are insignificant at the moment. My weeks don't actually end. This weekend I will be speding Saturday and Sunday trying to perfect everything so that I can take it to my university supervisor and we can look at the whole package to see if there are any gaps that need filling. I just want this to be over.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

10 days

It is 10 days until I print off my thesis. 10 more days of complete and utter hell. Day more days of feeling completely inadequate. 10 more days of sleepless nights. 10 more days until I can relax.

It is all I think about. The past 6 weeks have flown by. Of course this next 10 days will too. But they are gruelling days.

If anyone stumbling across this page has ever contemplated doing a Masters or a PhD, think LONG AND HARD, my friend. Think long and hard. Everyone tells me it's going to be worth it, but this has been a long 2 years of hard work, and an even longer 2 months of writing. I often wonder if it really will be worth it. I mean, I am completely shattered. I have lost all confidence in my intelligence. I have actually gone from loving science and taking pride in my work, to loathing science and scientists, and just wanting to hand it in as is, whether it's submittable (yes I know that isn't a word) or not. This Masters has almost sucked the life out of me. But only for 10 more days.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I would rather be...

That's the game I play when I get sick of writing (which is pretty much every 5 minutes). I would rather be ... than writing my thesis. I won't say all the things I have thought of, but there's quite a few brutal things that I'm convinced would be more fun than this.

Only 2 more weeks. Only 2 more weeks. Thank friggin god. Anyways, I knit this tuque for my friend Lucky a few weeks ago. It is purple and yellow. But the words I wrote on it for him (at his request) could offend some people (and I'm sure they will offend when he wears it), so I won't post the picture in which you can see what it says.

I am completely exhausted. I barely sleep, and when I do it's not a deep sleep. Why on earth people go on to do a PhD is beyond me. I cannot wait to hand this %$#$*&% thing in. 2 more weeks.

Then I can go back to regular knitting again. I miss it.

Oh and then I get to see my family! And then I get to go home to AJ! So there is quite a big reward to finishing the horrid thesis. 2 more weeks.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

More hats

Another Sunday, another week closer to my friggin submission date. It feels like this damn thesis is never going to be good enough to submit, but luckily I don't care! I will hand it in no matter what. Because that's what I do, I hand things in on time. Chris seems ok with my status, as does my uni supervisor Dave, so if they both feel ok, I guess I can too...

So here is the black hat, made longer. I like it SO much better. But it is massive and I am thinking of felting it. Either that or giving it to someone with a massive head. Any takers?? If you have a large head and are looking for a new hat, let me know.

This next one is called reasonably hip and the pattern is available in the December issue of Magknits online. I love it. It's awesome. There are just so many great patterns available online nowadays. Knitting is seriously way more popular than people realize. It's hot. It's cool. Well, we knitters think so anyway.

All these hat patterns, although awesome, are not quite how I would do it, so of course I made up my own - and funnily enough, I like it the best. See below. This one is for AJ. I am sending it to him for Valentine's Day. I hope he likes it. I think it's rad. I will also be knitting this hat for Pre, in brown. I'm seriously in love with this hat. I think it the coolest hat ever. I love it. I hope AJ and Pre love it as much as I do. If they don't they can just give them back to me so I can wear them!

So I really need to get back to writing. It feels like I have got sweet FA done today. And that is not good. I have to go teach a step class in an hour too. Yikes. Time even flies when you're not having fun.

Oh yeah, and wanna hear something sick? I was reaching for a pile of papers on my desk today when a cockroach ran across the papers and onto the desk. Um yeah I freaked a bit and Alex who happened to be in the office chuckled but then helped me get it out of here and then he killed it. Ew, seriously? A cockroach in my friggin office?? That's a bit much...