Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas knits

I made some ornaments for people this year. This first picture shows some little mittens I made. I didn't actually knit these. I felted some wool sweaters I bought from VV and then cut out the mitten shape. I think they turned out well and people seemed to like them. My favorites are the striped ones.

I also crocheted a little snowman for my friend Kristen. I found the pattern on Lion Brand Yarn's website.

I crocheted the mitten below for my friend Adriana. She is going to be doing my matt leave at SIAST. She is an amazing person, she has helped me so much and she shares my love for knitting.

I knit the mini sweater ornament below (for some reason even though in my file it is right side up, stupid blogger has decided to turn it sideways and I can't figure out how to change it) for my friend Deb.

And I knit this hat below for Jillie. She is going to Europe for 3 months (today I think...)! I hope this hat will keep her head warm :) I made the pattern up and I quite like it.

I knit a bunch of other stuff but will save them for another post since I show be working right now...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Leland's replacement sweater

Sweet little Leland grew out of his blue sweater. Since Leanne and Pre are such strong Nanook Knits supporters (always wear/use what I knit them) I had no problem knitting Leland a new sweater.

I used some chunky acrylic - basically the same stuff I used for the first sweater, but in black instead of grey. My gramma Inez gave me heck for knitting a black sweater for a baby. I am not allowed to knit black for my baby, says Gram.

This sweater pattern is just so easy and always looks so good. I am addicted to knitting seamless patterns because I hate sewing up so much. (I have 3 sweaters and an afghan that have been done for AGES, just sitting in my closet in pieces. I hate sewing up.)

I am hoping Wilson's Greenhouse will be a success, I have a bunch of knitted and crocheted stuff all ready to sell. I also already have a few batches of doggie treats ready. A couple more things to do and I should be good to go!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Growing Belly

AJ has been taking some better pictures throughout the pregnancy, but these are ones I have taken on my phone some mornings when I feel like it. This first one was taken on September 23rd. My belly only really popped out around September 12th-14th when I was home for my Mum's birthday.

This was taken this morning. I can't tell if I got any bigger... Maybe a little bit? It's hard to tell on yourself. I see my belly every day.

I have been feeling tons of movement. I absolutely love it. It's the most amazing feeling in the world. Other people have felt baby move too. AJ, Chels, my parents, Beth, Debby. It's so exciting. I love being pregnant :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Amaya Belle McCannell

Ian and Melissa had a little baby girl on September 25th and her name is Amaya Belle. She is a perfect little peanut and we all love her. This is her and I the day she was born.

I gave them the pink crocheted converse booties, but she won't fit into them for awhile. So I knit up this little sleep sack for her to stay warm in during the winter. I like it so much I am going to have to knit one for my baby :)

I have had these little bumblebee buttons for about 12 years and never had anything to put them on. I thought they looked cute on this sleep sack. I sewed in a zipper under the white strip. Apparently Ian and Melissa like zippers a lot more than snaps or buttons. Easier to get on and do up on a wriggling baby!

I knit this green hat for Jana's friend. It is two strands of worsted held together, using 6 mm needles. It is a nice loose fit, not as tight as I normally do. I like the fit and may start doing more hats like this.

I lined it with some camouflage fleece for extra warmth and added my label (Nanook Knits). I may have to do more like this for the Wilson's Greenhouse Craft Sale next month! I'm very excited, both Mum and Chels are coming to work it with me. Last year Chels and I had such a great time, it's going to be great.

I'm going to have hats, scarves and other stuff that I can knit up before the sale. And of course, the doggie biscuits that flew off the table. More variety this year, including dairy-free and wheat-free for the poor allergy-burdened pups. I can't wait!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Favourite

So Melissa is due on September 30th (although we all think she could go any minute now) and I needed to make baby McCannell something adorable. Since Ian and Melissa chose not to find out what they were having, I will have to make this in blue or green too, but started with pink. Are these not the cutest little booties EVER?

When I saw the pattern I knew they would become a favourite of mine for babies. I love making cute things that are cute even to people who don't use that word. Jered and AJ both think these are very cute. That means they are awesome. They are however, not as easy as a lot of little tiny things I am used to making. They are definitely worth it, but my first run through these took longer than your average bootie takes me. I am hoping that the next pair will be easier, and so on.

I plan on making another pair in case they have a boy. And of course, a couple pairs for my baby. They are just too cute. I have two sweaters on the go for myself, and they are both close to completion. I basically just have to finish the collar/neck on both of them, and then sew them up. I am hoping to finish both this weekend.

Then on to more baby stuff!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm still here...

It's been a crazy couple months I guess. I didn't forget to knit, or forget about the blog, I just got really busy! School was a nightmare. I barely stayed above water. But I made it through and enjoyed my month off (July). Had to go back to school, NOT voluntarily, to learn about adult education. Grumble, grumble, grumble, I just finished 3 weeks of it. Although I would rather have been walking Bones, knitting, reading non-school books, etc., it was actually very informative and I know I will use a lot of what I learned.

Anyways, Chels came to visit in June and bought some wool for me to make her some slippers (since she wore through the soles of her snugs). I thought they turned out great! I almost didn't want to give them to her, but since she paid for them...

AJ and I went to BC at the end of June for 10 days. Spent almost the whole time in Tofino. Beautiful place. AJ got lots of surfing in, well, a couple days anyway. I got lots of knitting in. I knit Pre and Leanne's little Leland another sweater (forgot to take a picture of it before I gave it to them, so will have to wait for Leanne to send me one). And knit my friend Amy's baby Jasper this sweater. I knit it in a day. I found out we were going to get to have lunch with them and sat down and got right to it!

Wasn't sure how it would fit, but looks pretty good to me! He is adorable. Amy is a fantastic mum.

Speaking of babies, I am going to have to start knitting for my own soon, since I am 16 weeks pregnant :) I totally want to recall all the stuff I have knit in the past for friends because I just won't have enough time to get anough things knit! I want my baby wearing lots of homemade stuff.

I plan on having a table at the Wilson's Greenhouse craft sale again in November, so I have so much to do. I also have two new courses to teach on top of General Chemistry this fall, Pharmacology and Immunology. It's going to be a ridiculous couple months and then a fun-filled year with baby. It's all overwhelming right now. I should go knit...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Leland's hoody

Leland hoody 2
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Here's my little sweetie in his sweater. It was so big for so long, but now at the large age of 7 and a half months, he fits into it. I am knitting him another sweater right now, but I am thinking I may have made it too small. I'll get to see whether it fits or not in 2 weeks when AJ and I head to Canmore for Easter to do some snowboarding and visit with Pre and Leanne. Can't wait for more baby cuddles!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Noro Leftovers

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I crocheted these up super quick using the leftovers from Andrea's fingerless mitts. Not as nicely striped, but will do the trick in spring or fall. I am not a big fan of fingerless in the freezing prairie winters, but 'round the campfire or when it warms up to above zero, they work nicely.

Noro armies

noro armies
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My dear friend Andrea bought this wool for me to knit her some striped fingerless mitts. I alternated so that the stripes stood out more. I really like them. They kind of look like they don't match, but because of all the colours, they kind of do match.


So everyone knows I LOVE babies. But then, who doesn't. They smell good, the are light and easy to cuddle, they are sooooooo cute. The cons are that they cry, they are ridiculously dependent and you can't put them in the kennel when you go away (like my Bones). I have not been clucky, ever. I thought for sure babies were NOT for me. Never want one. Too much work. But lately, well, I am finally getting a bit clucky.

I mean, look at this kid. He makes me want one! He is so cute I can't handle being away from him. I need to go visit him again. Well, and of course, his parents, my bffs, Pre and Leanne.

I bought him this little camo leisure suit from a garage sale in Regina one wicked Saturday morning "sale-ing" with my favorite cousin, Jana. It was a couple bucks and in good shape, and I just loved it. And look at little Leland in it! I wanna squeeze him.

The toque was knit by yours truly. A little big, but his teeny head will fit into it soon I'm sure. Love little Leland.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Knitting

I knit this toque for Jered (Chelsea's man) last year or the year before. It's funny, it has relaxed since I knit it, but the top part forms a cone and won't loosen up. So it pops up off Jered's head. I decided to knit him a new one and kept this one because I like how it makes me look like an elf or a pixie.

At the craft sale a lady that was working one of the make-up tables came by and loved this hat I made that was small, for a child, but her baby is only a year old so she knew it would be too big. I knit her one exactly the same but for a little baby's head. The problem is, I can't find her number now! I hope I find it soon before her baby's head grows out of it and before winter is over...

My partner from Novartis, Robin, and his family came by my stand at the craft sale and his adorable wife decided the family all needed new toques. So they all put in their orders and this is what they got. I measured their heads to make sure I knit hats that fit. Robin is the only one I am concerned about. His head is quite large and I just hope I made his hat big enough!

On the way home for Christmas (on the drive from Regina to Winnipeg) My darling sister Chelsea drove the entire way so I could knit these little ditties up. I started them as we left Regina and when we got to Brandon, we were supposed to swap spots. I was already on the second one and Chels decided to let me finish them and drive the whole way.

So when we got to Winnipeg, all I had left to do was felt them! And they are so awesome. I love them. They are comfortable (because of the double sole) and so warm!! Finally some slippers for myself :)

I have so much knitting to do in this new year. I am working on some legwarmers for my bff Andrea, and just finished some fingerless mitts for her. She bought the wool a few months ago and I said I would knit them for her, but kind of got side tracked with the craft sale and Christmas and stuff. I also have to knit a couple hats for my cousin Jana's friend, a baby dress for Nikki's baby girl Sloane, and some slipper boots for Chels and my mum, and get started on craft sale stuff so I am not so rushed next November. So much knitting I don't know how I am going to do it. But maybe I can knit some stuff up during my two weeks in Mexico next month?