Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ok so acrylic is gross

I finished the glitzy sweater and hated it so I threw it out. I know people who don't knit think - how on earth could you do that?? But if you make something and you think it's ugly - so ugly that you wouldn't wear it and you wouldn't even want to see it on someone else - it's easy. It felt absolutely disgusting on. The sequins were all itchy and the yarn had a squeaky feel to it. Bottom line - it was heinous. So I tossed it. Lesson learned? Bargain yarn is always good, but if there is a whole bin full of the same specialty yarn, there's probably a reason it didn't sell at full price.

Anyways here's my new project. I finished it. I actually frogged it back and made the body of the hat longer. I blocked it last night and will sew in the brim tonight.

I also finished a hat for AJ that is similar to the one above, but way cooler. I will post a picture once it's sewn up. I am also going to make Pre one because it's such a rad pattern.

Hopefully one day I will pick up that green cardigan I started last August and finish it. I am on the sleeves but have totally lost interest. It's a shame because I really want it to be done - I love what it's going to be, just can't get it there yet.

Back to writing...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ravelry is worse than crack, worse than Facebook even. Oh yes it is.

Damn you Knit World ladies!!! I was shopping at Knit World maybe 2 weeks ago as they had a major sale, and well, you can't afford not to buy wool when it's on sale. Even if you already have way too much. Anyways, they know me there (3 years living here, a trip to Knit World once a week - not surprising. They even know me by name...) and one of the lovely Knit World ladies (Jeanie, if any of you frequent Hamilton Knit World) asked me if I was on Ravelry. Ravelry? I asked. What's that? It's knitter's crack is what it is. It's a sort of knitting/crocheting forum, I guess. It allows you to post your projects while you're working on them or when they're done. It allows you to see other knitters projects and get the pattern sthey used. It has helpful hints and groups and AAaaaaaaarggggggh!!! You can easily spend 2 hours on there at a time and not even realize it. NOT GOOD WHEN YOU HAVE A THESIS TO WRITE.
So anyways, I am hooked. Literally go on it everyday. I love putting my projects in it. They following picture is of my friend Jonathans arms wearing some armwarmers I made him. I crocheted them. I made up the pattern and it's posted on Crochetme. I have even had some nice comments about them and on Ravelry, my armies (that's what I called them) are listed as someone's favorite!! I know, I know, I am out of control, but it's awesome!! I've even realized that I am not alone with this horrible addiction. There are other obsessed knitters out there besides me!

Here is a little sweater I am making myself. It's white/cream sort of yarn (acrylic, normally yuck, but I love this stuff) with sequins throughout. I bought a whole bunch of it when it was on sale at Spotlight ($2 a ball) and was saving it to make a half sweater. I came across this pattern on ravelry and it was exactly what I wanted. It's about half way done. I will post when it's finished, but I thought I would mention the lesson I learned, yet again, while making this. ALWAYS check the dye lot of yarn you buy in bulk. You see that greyish sort of stripe in the middle? Yeah, I didn't mean to buy different dye lots. Fortunately, I noticed early anough in the piece so I am making it look stripey. I think it will still look good, sort of a tone on tone effect. But let it be a lesson. Hopefully (this being the 3rd time I have made this mistake) I will not make this silly mistake again.

So I should get back to ravelry, I mean, back to writing my thesis...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sunday at work

It's Sunday and I am working. At least it's kind of cloudy out. I have good days and bad days with writing my thesis. Today is a bad day. I hate it today. It's stupid.
Anyways, here are some new goodies I've knit. First up, some fingerless mitts for Leanne.

The my friend Alaina was going to the UK, so I thought, it's winter up there, I might as well make her some too since she's a smoker. So I made these ones up one night and the next day I quickly crocheted her a matching tuque. I love both of them and will make them again (my own design). They are pictured on little 8 year old hands here. They actually fit small adult hands much better.

Below we have a little baby sweater for Ross and Ang's new baby (now 8 days overdue). My favorite pattern to knit for babies because it is ridiculously easy. I made it a bit bigger than normal, at Ang's request. It feels nice and snuggly and reminds me of a lamb.

Finally we have some slippers I knit for AJ. I knit them absolutely massive and then felted them so they became really thick and wicked. They should be SO warm. I will send them to him soon...

Jenny and Colin and the kids went to Whangamata for 2 weeks and Sidonie wanted to take her bike but felt bad since I have been using it to get to work. I didn't mind at all, I have my old bike, it just sucks. But Jenny felt bad too so she listed me as a driver for her Figaro!! I drove it to work today. I friggin love it. Will post a picture of it soon.

Well, best be getting back to work.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wallis' ponchos

As I said, since I am flat out with thesis writing, I will be posting old stuff I've knit that hasn't really been seen yet because my knitting isn't progressing as fast as usual. I am at work writing too late and by the time I get home and eat dinner, I only have an hour or two to knit before bed. How I long for the day the bloody thesis is handed in and I can knit freely again, like a machine.

Anyways, about 2 and a half years ago when I was first getting to know the Malcolms (now my family, can't imagine my life without them), Jenny asked me if I could knit her daughters a poncho each. This was back when I had no friends and literally knit from 5 pm until I went to bed. I was pumping out knitted garments like you wouldn't believe. So I knit one for Sidonie first. Jenny and I chose some yarn we liked and I used the poncho pattern from the first Stitch n Bitch. It fits Wallis now so we used her to model.

Wallis was allowed to pick out her own yarn. So she picked what, in my opinion, is the ugliest, most heinous yarn to work with. Not only is it gross to touch (feels dirty all the time, even when it's clean, just that gross synthetic feel), it was a total cow to knit with. You can barely pick out the stitches on the needle, and the colourful stuff? Yuck, as well as pain in the butt. BUT, I adore Wallis and she is so cute only she could pull off something so hideous to look at, so I did it. And it was WELL worth it. She wore it everyday for ages, she loved it so much, and it did look quite cute on her.

The pattern is very easy and that's a bonus when you are using disgustingly awkward yarn.

I had some pretty, colourful mohair that I wanted to use to knit this U vest from the first issue of Knit1 and I was going to keep it for myself, but I hated it on me, so I gave it to Wallis too. She is just THE BEST person to knit for (or give knitted stuff to) besides my mum and sister, because she LOVES anything you give her and wears it all the time.

Yes it did fit me, don't raise your eyebrows at me. I just think it suits Wallis more than it suits me anyway. Honestly, this little girl is the sweetest thing. She even kits with me sometimes. She has a sweater on the go. Most times she gets bored mid-row and gets me to finish the row so she can watch tv. I will make sure she is a fully competent knitter before I leave NZ.

Well, I must get back to my thesis. That's the first of many long finished projects I'll post. I am knitting AJ some slippers and I think they are going to be awesome. I am going to felt them so they are thicker and warmer and will post them when I finish.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year, new colours, new projects... oh wait - maybe I should finish my thesis...

Hello yous. Happy New Year!! So I had a fantastic time in the Peg for Christmas. Best ever. It was amazing to see my parents, sister and grandparents, as well as my friends and of course my incredibly awesome boyfriend AJ. All my knitted gifts have been given, but silly me, I forgot to take pictures of them before giving them away, so all of you better send me some pics of you in my knitted things so I can post them. Or else no more knitted anything for you! Seriously please take a picture and email it to me so I can post it. Please? Thank you. Wallis took this picture of me knitting my friend Pre's tuque the week before I went home. She is so adorable. She has this uncanny way of stating the obvious in a really cute voice. "Tarra (pronounced - to my disgust - Tah-rra instead of Tear-ra) you love knitting, aye (pronounced I)?"

Just knitting some slippers for my friend Ben who is living in London and finding it a wee bit cold. What a wuss. Haha, London is like Mexico compared to Winnipeg. Harden up boy. Says me who found the "beautiful" (according to my Mum) -10C FREEZING while I was home. I actually should be writing my thesis. Right now, and everyday for the next 2 months. But come on. Like I am not going to try to squeeze in as much knitting/crocheting as possible. Even if I have to stay up a half an hour later at night to fit some in. I can't give up my craft. I just can't. It makes me happy.

Fortunately Sidonie took some photos of a few things I knitted for her, Jenny and Wallis ages ago, that I haven't posted yet, so I can use those for awhile and not worry about having to finish things to post here. Cheating, I know, but better than nothing, aye?