Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Growing Belly

AJ has been taking some better pictures throughout the pregnancy, but these are ones I have taken on my phone some mornings when I feel like it. This first one was taken on September 23rd. My belly only really popped out around September 12th-14th when I was home for my Mum's birthday.

This was taken this morning. I can't tell if I got any bigger... Maybe a little bit? It's hard to tell on yourself. I see my belly every day.

I have been feeling tons of movement. I absolutely love it. It's the most amazing feeling in the world. Other people have felt baby move too. AJ, Chels, my parents, Beth, Debby. It's so exciting. I love being pregnant :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Amaya Belle McCannell

Ian and Melissa had a little baby girl on September 25th and her name is Amaya Belle. She is a perfect little peanut and we all love her. This is her and I the day she was born.

I gave them the pink crocheted converse booties, but she won't fit into them for awhile. So I knit up this little sleep sack for her to stay warm in during the winter. I like it so much I am going to have to knit one for my baby :)

I have had these little bumblebee buttons for about 12 years and never had anything to put them on. I thought they looked cute on this sleep sack. I sewed in a zipper under the white strip. Apparently Ian and Melissa like zippers a lot more than snaps or buttons. Easier to get on and do up on a wriggling baby!

I knit this green hat for Jana's friend. It is two strands of worsted held together, using 6 mm needles. It is a nice loose fit, not as tight as I normally do. I like the fit and may start doing more hats like this.

I lined it with some camouflage fleece for extra warmth and added my label (Nanook Knits). I may have to do more like this for the Wilson's Greenhouse Craft Sale next month! I'm very excited, both Mum and Chels are coming to work it with me. Last year Chels and I had such a great time, it's going to be great.

I'm going to have hats, scarves and other stuff that I can knit up before the sale. And of course, the doggie biscuits that flew off the table. More variety this year, including dairy-free and wheat-free for the poor allergy-burdened pups. I can't wait!