Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ella's tuque (beanie) and mitts

Ross sent me some pictures of Ella in the tuque and mitts I knit for her. So of course I had to share. It's so hard for me to judge baby/toddler tuques. I always end up knitting them super tiny. I made Wallis try the tuque on before I finished it up, thinking if it fits a 7 year old it surely will fit a 2 and a half year old. It was a bit snug on Wallis but seems to fit Ella fine.

Doesn't she look adorable. As usual. I feel bad for any babies that I will have. Ella has set the standard for cuteness so insanely high. She is just so sweet and adorable. I hope I can have a baby as cute as her. They called me last night and she thanked me for knitting them for her and told me she loves them. Awwwwwwwwwww!!!

It's funny, because we are heading right into summer down here, but the little peanut wanted to wear her new knitted goods at breakfast and while colouring. God I love her. She isn't even wearing a jacket to put the mitt string through, but they hang nicely around her neck. I just hope they still fit her next winter!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Jillian's sweater

Um, oh my friggin god. This is why I knit for my friends babies. This is my friend Amanda's baby Jillian. I sent her the little skull vest and this sweater. SHE IS SO CUTE!!!! This is definitely my favorite baby sweater to knit. I think it looks great.

Crystal just had her little girl, called her Gracie - I friggin love that name. I had Grace on my girl name list, but might have to take it off since I don't want my kids to have the same names as any of my friends kids. (What kids? Yeah I know. I'm a little overprepared.) But I'll have to send Crystal her little pink and taupe sweater even though I am going home in a month. Will post the bag I crocheted tomorrow. I think it looks great.

Going to see Justin Timberlake tonight - yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha!! Come on, I know you're jealous...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My love

Since I can't have one of my own right now, I have adopted Jenny and Colin's dog, Tiki, as my own. He is a yellow lab, completely obnoxious and beyond adorable. He loves me the most because I take him for walks every morning before I go to work. He possibly loves AJ more, but only because AJ is a softie and Tiki knows that. All of these pictures are of Tiki by my little house in the back. He is always walking by it, sitting outside my door or lying next to it after a walk. What can I say? The dog LOVES me!!

I cannot wait to get a dog. I almost want to call it Tiki because I love that name so much, but I won't because there is only one Tiki. I am going to knit him a blanket for his bed before I go back to Canada so he has something to remember me by. Haha, yeah right, it's more so that I can have a part of me here with him when I go.

On the knitting front: have knitted Ella and Ang beanies and some mitts for Ella. Still working on that army/mossy green cardigan for myself, and am almost done a bag for a friend. Pictures will be up soon.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

MAJOR faux pas...

In all my knitting books, there is some mention of the rule that you don't knit a sweater for your boyfriend. You just don't. It's not bad luck, per se, it just sets the knitter up for disappointment and potentially causes unnecesaary tension in the relationship. I broke that rule. Last year I knit AJ a zip-up sweater for his birthday. I wanted to. I adore the guy, so why wouldn't I? I get it, the rule, I do get why it's a bad idea. It takes a long time to knit a sweater (especially for a guy, as most of them don't like cute little cropped or chest-hugging sweaters) and one may feel unappreciated when the sweater is not worn enough, or at all. I put all this aside. I have knit things for people I have just met, or barely know, or friend's of friend's, so I decided that if I could do that I could knit a sweater for my boyfriend. And so far so good. I knit it over a year ago. And even though I have only seen him wear it once - on his birthday last year (keep in mind that he has been travelling since March, so right after our NZ summer, and is now back in Canada so I don't even see him, let alone the sweater) - I don't care. Every hour I spent knitting it was worth it. If he never wears it again, it won't matter. He has something made with love from me. It's too bad the photo is not a bit closer up, because I quite like the detail of the sleeves, but look at how nicely it fits him. I "borrowed" one of his hoodies so I could get the measurements exact. I think is looks great on him, don't you?

I bought this awesome camoflage-coloured wool in Winnipeg at Christmas from my favorite wool store, Ram Wools. I didn't have a plan for it, but because it was camoflage I needed it. They told me it would stripe more than go patchy like camoflage should, but when crocheted into a tuque, it did go camoflage. It's too bad that this photo is also a bit far away, but look at the beautiful background. It's a photo of AJ by a volcano in Indonesia. I still have one more ball and I am making one for me because I love the wool SO much!! (It's my favorite wool to knit with. Most tuques I knit for my friends are in that wool. I forget what it's called, but I'll post it soon. I buy heaps whenever I go back to Canada because it is perfect. A nice weight wool that doesn't itch and one ball is more than enough for a tuque.)

He is so grateful too, which makes a knitter want to knit for that person even more. I am on the sleeves of my army green cardigan, which means that I have lost all interest in it. Plus it is November and time to start knitting Christmas presents. I have to put down the sleeves and go back every so often because I need to start the Christmas tuques. I have SO much wool right now in my room. I wonder if I will get through it all before moving back to Canada? Doesn't matter, I'll squeeze it into my suitcase if I have to!