Sunday, October 25, 2009

Beth and Ryan's wedding

So my sister-in-law Beth and her man Ryan got married on September 12th. My parents and Chels came for the wedding and it was a lot of fun. I knit Beth her garter too! The funny thing is, I have no pictures of Beth and Ryan, or of the wedding. I happen to be a lazy photographer and if others have cameras I don't bother. This means, sadly, that the only pictures I can post are of me and people :)

So first up, my friend Matt and I. Who knows what we are doing or what part of the night this is (my guess is later since I can't remember).

Matt's wonderful wife Kristen took the above and below pictures. Below is Chels and me right after the ceremony. It was so great to have my whole family their for a big day with my new family. Chels and I had a blast.

I have some new knits I need to post but don't feel like it now. So check back soon - I'll get them up.

Good news is that my cousin has been drumming me up some business and I am almost finished my first paid-for project! Will post soon. Am also going to try to get a table at a craft sale at a nearby church on November 14th. Hope I can get one. I'm going to knit up a bunch of toques and maybe some mitts too. Stay tuned.