Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sunday at work

It's Sunday and I am working. At least it's kind of cloudy out. I have good days and bad days with writing my thesis. Today is a bad day. I hate it today. It's stupid.
Anyways, here are some new goodies I've knit. First up, some fingerless mitts for Leanne.

The my friend Alaina was going to the UK, so I thought, it's winter up there, I might as well make her some too since she's a smoker. So I made these ones up one night and the next day I quickly crocheted her a matching tuque. I love both of them and will make them again (my own design). They are pictured on little 8 year old hands here. They actually fit small adult hands much better.

Below we have a little baby sweater for Ross and Ang's new baby (now 8 days overdue). My favorite pattern to knit for babies because it is ridiculously easy. I made it a bit bigger than normal, at Ang's request. It feels nice and snuggly and reminds me of a lamb.

Finally we have some slippers I knit for AJ. I knit them absolutely massive and then felted them so they became really thick and wicked. They should be SO warm. I will send them to him soon...

Jenny and Colin and the kids went to Whangamata for 2 weeks and Sidonie wanted to take her bike but felt bad since I have been using it to get to work. I didn't mind at all, I have my old bike, it just sucks. But Jenny felt bad too so she listed me as a driver for her Figaro!! I drove it to work today. I friggin love it. Will post a picture of it soon.

Well, best be getting back to work.


  1. WTF----I cannot wait to get my mitts...THEY ARE SOOOOOO effin WICKED!!!! Ok so now I've that I have beanies coming our tha wazoo I need to collect personalized mitts & those slippers - HOLLA That's what I'll take next. Kidding -

    PS I HATE that you have I'm a smoker on your blog - GROSS!
    --PS I'm on day 1 of quitting... We will see how it goes. I'm doing a 12km UPHILL cross country ski trip in March...if I keep smoking I'll never make it so that's my drive to quit.
    Hey you will be back in the summer right? We just booked houseboating trip for July 15..are you and AJ in or what? Love you lots & good luck with the thesis - as if you need it ya little science nerd! XOXOXOXO

  2. They look fantastic! Especially AJ's slippers...I hope one day I can knit something like that for Richard.