Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ok so acrylic is gross

I finished the glitzy sweater and hated it so I threw it out. I know people who don't knit think - how on earth could you do that?? But if you make something and you think it's ugly - so ugly that you wouldn't wear it and you wouldn't even want to see it on someone else - it's easy. It felt absolutely disgusting on. The sequins were all itchy and the yarn had a squeaky feel to it. Bottom line - it was heinous. So I tossed it. Lesson learned? Bargain yarn is always good, but if there is a whole bin full of the same specialty yarn, there's probably a reason it didn't sell at full price.

Anyways here's my new project. I finished it. I actually frogged it back and made the body of the hat longer. I blocked it last night and will sew in the brim tonight.

I also finished a hat for AJ that is similar to the one above, but way cooler. I will post a picture once it's sewn up. I am also going to make Pre one because it's such a rad pattern.

Hopefully one day I will pick up that green cardigan I started last August and finish it. I am on the sleeves but have totally lost interest. It's a shame because I really want it to be done - I love what it's going to be, just can't get it there yet.

Back to writing...

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