Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ravelry is worse than crack, worse than Facebook even. Oh yes it is.

Damn you Knit World ladies!!! I was shopping at Knit World maybe 2 weeks ago as they had a major sale, and well, you can't afford not to buy wool when it's on sale. Even if you already have way too much. Anyways, they know me there (3 years living here, a trip to Knit World once a week - not surprising. They even know me by name...) and one of the lovely Knit World ladies (Jeanie, if any of you frequent Hamilton Knit World) asked me if I was on Ravelry. Ravelry? I asked. What's that? It's knitter's crack is what it is. It's a sort of knitting/crocheting forum, I guess. It allows you to post your projects while you're working on them or when they're done. It allows you to see other knitters projects and get the pattern sthey used. It has helpful hints and groups and AAaaaaaaarggggggh!!! You can easily spend 2 hours on there at a time and not even realize it. NOT GOOD WHEN YOU HAVE A THESIS TO WRITE.
So anyways, I am hooked. Literally go on it everyday. I love putting my projects in it. They following picture is of my friend Jonathans arms wearing some armwarmers I made him. I crocheted them. I made up the pattern and it's posted on Crochetme. I have even had some nice comments about them and on Ravelry, my armies (that's what I called them) are listed as someone's favorite!! I know, I know, I am out of control, but it's awesome!! I've even realized that I am not alone with this horrible addiction. There are other obsessed knitters out there besides me!

Here is a little sweater I am making myself. It's white/cream sort of yarn (acrylic, normally yuck, but I love this stuff) with sequins throughout. I bought a whole bunch of it when it was on sale at Spotlight ($2 a ball) and was saving it to make a half sweater. I came across this pattern on ravelry and it was exactly what I wanted. It's about half way done. I will post when it's finished, but I thought I would mention the lesson I learned, yet again, while making this. ALWAYS check the dye lot of yarn you buy in bulk. You see that greyish sort of stripe in the middle? Yeah, I didn't mean to buy different dye lots. Fortunately, I noticed early anough in the piece so I am making it look stripey. I think it will still look good, sort of a tone on tone effect. But let it be a lesson. Hopefully (this being the 3rd time I have made this mistake) I will not make this silly mistake again.

So I should get back to ravelry, I mean, back to writing my thesis...

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