Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Something Blue

I forgot to show an important wedding participant that I knit. My garter! I knit garters for Tristin and Jana for their weddings which were in May/June 2006. I was going to borrow the one I knit Tristin for my something borrowed, but she couldn't find it, so I whipped this one up a day or two before our wedding. I really liked it. Unfortunately it got lost in the garter toss. I say unfortunately because I thought it might be neat to let Beth (AJ's sister) borrow it for her wedding. But I just whipped another one up for her.

I am making another pair of those felted slippers (below) for AJ. And then maybe some for me. I have too many projects to do and I should already be starting all my Christmas knitting...

Monday, September 28, 2009

New puppy, new job, new husband - and some knitting

So AJ and I got married. It was great! Best wedding I've ever been to :) The day was beautiful. A little windy, but the sun was out all day, which was pretty amazing considering there was a monsoon the day before! We had such a great time. Our dear friends from New Zealand came for the occasion, which is more of an honour than most people will realize.

The dinner was great, and the reception was a blast! I wish we could get married every year!

And of course there is our sweet little darling Bones. We are so in love with him. He is an absolute psycho, but so loving and so sweet. He is definitely a handful.

When we got him he was so little! Now he is huge. He's only 5 months, but he is more than twice the size he was when we got him. And growing.

He is a bit of a baby (no, he is a HUGE baby) and I am not sure how this first winter will go. He doesn't like going outside when it's raining and chilly. Little does he know the horror of a winter that's on it's way...

I knit these kick ass slippers for our dear friend Ben who came for our wedding from England! I knit him some slips a couple years ago, but they have been worn through. These ones will hold up a bit better. They are hands down my favorite slippers to knit. Favorite pattern for sure. So easy and they look awesome!

And here's a little hat I knit for myself out of some absolutely beautiful wool I bought a few years ago in Victoria. I had crocheted it into a scarf, but never wore it. Hopefully this will get some more wear. I think it will. I LOVE it!

Oh, and lastly, my new job. My life has changed completely because of this new job! I love it so much! I am (get this) a Chemistry Instructor at SIAST (Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology). I was a bit freaked at first, but it is going so well! I love it more than I thought possible.

So life is good. New puppy, new job and new husband, all within 2 months. Can't really ask for more :)