Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Overnighting in Yorkton

With my new job comes a lot of travel. For instance, I had lunch with a very important doctor today in PA (Prince Albert), which is an hour and a half away from Saskatoon. I got there with lunch at 11:45 am. The receptionist just laughed at me and said, "Oh, we're nowhere near ready for lunch!!" So I sat patiently in the waiting room for an hour and a half until my doc was done with his morning patients and we could sit, have lunch and chat. It was SO worth it. I had a great discussion with him, and he was very respectful and let me do my Novartis thing, and then gave me his feedback on what he likes, uses and his thoughts on treating hypertension. (I know you're thinking, god you are such a dork, who else would be happy about that? But I'm new in this job and I really like when docs converse with me instead of nodding and walking away.) Anyways, then I hopped back in the minivan for another 4 hours on the road all the way to Yorkton. I will stay here tonight and tomorrow. It's kinda neat, although I miss AJ... already. I'm going to grab some dinner, but just thought before Hayley sends me another hint about being terrible with my blog, I'll whip out a quick one.

I am going to Novartis formal training in Montreal from Sept 28 to Oct 10. I LOVE Montreal so it will be fun, but it will also be super intense and full of reading and role play. Plus I will definitely miss AJ TONS for those 2 weeks. We got used to being together every day and I like it... I'm gonna fill the freezer full of meals for him so he doesn't have to cook for himself every night. I like to take care of him.

So for the knitting/crocheting part of the post, I am once again going back to an oldie. Simply because I have no pictures of the blanket I am almost done crocheting for AJ and I, and I have no pics of the slippers I am knitting my cousin Jana. Instead, here is a picture of a touque I crocheted for Jana last Christmas. It is a cream mohair and I love mohair. I got the pattern of CrochetMe. It was a snap. But most crochet patterns are.

Stay tuned. I have 3 things that are almost done, so should have some goodies to look at soon!!