Thursday, May 15, 2008

I miss my dog

I miss Tiki. This dog is the greatest dog ever. I am so in love with him. I want a dog because I miss Tiki so much, but I am afraid that my dog won't be as amazing as Tiki. He is so adorable and so well-behaved. I miss walking him and playing with him. Look at him!! He is so great.

My Noro came in the other day so I have to get cracking on my sister's legwarmers. I hope to have them done when AJ and I drive through Regina. So much to do with moving all my parents stuff, I hardly have time to knit!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I have a couple completed knitted items to post once I take a photo. My green cardigan is being sewn up and then it's done!! I know, I can't believe it either. It's been a WIP since August. I almost didn't bother. But so glad I did.

Below you will see a photo of my darling little Ella. She has taken to "nursing" her toys, just like mommy nurses little baby Lucy. I can't think of anything cuter at the moment, can you? I would like to point out that Ellie the elephant (the toy that Ella is nursing in this photo), is an elephant that I knitted for her. I love it.

As soon as I finish the green cardigan, it'll be here. I hope to finish it today!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Back in the Peg

It's way too late. I am SO tired and I NEED to go to bed. But I realized that I am still being so bad with posts, so now that I am home for 2 weeks, I am going to knit my little face off, and do lots of fun stuff and blog blog blog.

Here are some new pics of my family trip in New Zealand. Since my sister and my Mum and I are together again, we are trying to compile them all. There are about 900 (I took only 49, the rest is my Mum and Chels), but here are some of my faves.

This is me and my fam in Kaikoura. We loved it there. We stayed in a killer bed and breakfast called Admiral Creighton Bed and Breakfast and all of us HIGHLY recommend that place if you are in Kaikoura.

You know how you're not supposed to take pictures in museums and art galleries and such? Well, Chels doesn't really pay attention to those rules and took a bunch of pictures of this neat exhibit in the art gallery in Christchurch. It had all these cute little helpful hints. I'm quite fond of this one.

I went to Marine Land in Napier 3 years ago at Easter when I first moved to New Zealand, and held a cute little blue penguin then, but since pengies are my FAVE animal, I had to do it again. So worth it. They are so adorable.

Dad, Chels and I in Queenstown. We stayed in the most MONEY hotel there. It's new, so it was super reasonably priced, but I'm sure it's going to skyrocket when the owners realize what they have. It's right on the lake. Beautiful.

Oooooh, here's a goodie. Colin, Jenny, Roxane and I with my freshly bound thesis!!! Yes, that is it. That little purple book is my blood, sweat and tears from the past 2 years. Cute isn't it? You'd never know it almost sucked the life outta me.

So now I'm back in the Peg. I was in California, as I mentioned last post, as well as London. Then hit Vic, Van, Stoon, Gine and now home. This is me and my adorable little Gramma. One of THE grammas that taught me how to knit 22 or some crazy amount of years ago. I am almost done my army green cardigan that I started last August or September (that's what I am knitting in the pic). So close!! Can't wait!!

Here are some legwarmers I knit myself out of Noro Kureyon wool that I bought while in Victoria. I think they're friggin rad. Chels loves them so much she wants me to knit her some EXACTLY the same. So I had to order the same colour from Beehive in Vic because nowehere else I checked had the exact same colour.

AJ and I are looking for couches for our little house. I want leather. What do you think of these two sets? I love both and they are both a steal of a deal. I lean towards the brown for looks but the taupe for comfort. I'm gonna look around.

Well, that's me for tonight. I am so beat. Have to go to bed NOW. Later Gators.