Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wallis' ponchos

As I said, since I am flat out with thesis writing, I will be posting old stuff I've knit that hasn't really been seen yet because my knitting isn't progressing as fast as usual. I am at work writing too late and by the time I get home and eat dinner, I only have an hour or two to knit before bed. How I long for the day the bloody thesis is handed in and I can knit freely again, like a machine.

Anyways, about 2 and a half years ago when I was first getting to know the Malcolms (now my family, can't imagine my life without them), Jenny asked me if I could knit her daughters a poncho each. This was back when I had no friends and literally knit from 5 pm until I went to bed. I was pumping out knitted garments like you wouldn't believe. So I knit one for Sidonie first. Jenny and I chose some yarn we liked and I used the poncho pattern from the first Stitch n Bitch. It fits Wallis now so we used her to model.

Wallis was allowed to pick out her own yarn. So she picked what, in my opinion, is the ugliest, most heinous yarn to work with. Not only is it gross to touch (feels dirty all the time, even when it's clean, just that gross synthetic feel), it was a total cow to knit with. You can barely pick out the stitches on the needle, and the colourful stuff? Yuck, as well as pain in the butt. BUT, I adore Wallis and she is so cute only she could pull off something so hideous to look at, so I did it. And it was WELL worth it. She wore it everyday for ages, she loved it so much, and it did look quite cute on her.

The pattern is very easy and that's a bonus when you are using disgustingly awkward yarn.

I had some pretty, colourful mohair that I wanted to use to knit this U vest from the first issue of Knit1 and I was going to keep it for myself, but I hated it on me, so I gave it to Wallis too. She is just THE BEST person to knit for (or give knitted stuff to) besides my mum and sister, because she LOVES anything you give her and wears it all the time.

Yes it did fit me, don't raise your eyebrows at me. I just think it suits Wallis more than it suits me anyway. Honestly, this little girl is the sweetest thing. She even kits with me sometimes. She has a sweater on the go. Most times she gets bored mid-row and gets me to finish the row so she can watch tv. I will make sure she is a fully competent knitter before I leave NZ.

Well, I must get back to my thesis. That's the first of many long finished projects I'll post. I am knitting AJ some slippers and I think they are going to be awesome. I am going to felt them so they are thicker and warmer and will post them when I finish.

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