Monday, October 29, 2007


This is super late as we had Thanksgiving on Saturday October 6th, but I been busy (knitting). This was the third annual New Zealand (Canadian) Thanksgiving at Jenny and Colin's and it was once again a hit! Jenny and I have perfected feeding 15-20 people. Early in the day, Wallis decided to let the neighbours know that we were having Canadian Thanksgiving by writing it on the driveway in sidewalk chalk. She is way too adorable.

Shelley and Grant (part of the original kiwi Canadian Thanksgiving crew) brought their new little baby Matthew along for his first outing at 5 weeks old. Vicki (Jenny's sister) had a good cuddle with him (as did everyone that could get their hands on him).

Sorry, no pictures of dinner. No time. Once dinner was called a wave of hands and mouths filled the kitchen. I can tell you that it did look great and tasted even better. The rest of the night was spent playing Singstar (like karaoke) and EVERYONE (even the shyest people) had a go. I may have hogged the mic at one point. I love Singstar - especially after a glass of wine or 4 :)

Wallis and Jonathan having a battle - can't remember what song.

Alaina, me and Nathan chatting on the couch about what song we will do next, while Kiko watches.

Wallis and Sidonie (regular singers that night) - with (L-R) Jenny, Roxane, James and Connor in the background.

It was another successful night. As always it was so much fun that I forgot how much I missed being at home for Thanksgiving. I wonder if they will carry on the tradition next year when I am back in Canada? Doubt it.

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