Sunday, October 28, 2007

My birthday

This was my third birthday in New Zealand and hands down the best yet. We had drinks and nibbles at the house with Jenny, Colin and the kids. Nathan, Jonathan and Dave came over armed with delicious food and a divine chocolate and hazelnut cake.

Wallis, the little helper, helped me to blow out the candles and cut the cake.

I received tons of awesome gifts from some great friends. Wallis even wrote me a story and ilustrated it. It's called Sneaky the Snake and it is friggin ADORABLE. Colin, James (Colin and Jenny's brother-in-law), Jonathan, Nathan, Dave and I all left for town at about 11:30pm. We met up with my friend Alaina, and I even met up with Rachel later on. We danced the night away and Colin and I ended up getting home at 4:30 am after a walk through the McDonald's drive-thru!!

The next day was a bit fuzzy. I slept until noon!! I could here Wallis outside saying, "Dad!! Tarra is still asleep and it's lunchtime!! I want to give her her present can I wake her up??" The answer was no, but I dragged myself out of bed eventually and put myself through a shower. I went outside to find Wallis had made me a giant T out of some wood. She still needs to paint it, but what a doll. I am a very lucky birthday girl.

I have had 29 amazing, fun and lucky years. I can't wait to see what my 30th year has in store. (Ugh... 30)

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