Thursday, October 25, 2007


Here are some pictures from Thailand. I have quite a few so I'll just post my faves. On the knitting front I have just sewn up a tank top that I crocheted before I went to Thailand (I HATE sewing up - I often have projects completed for ages before I sew them up, it's brutal) and I am wearing today. And I pretty much love it because it pretty much rules. I'll take a photo soon because it must be seen. It's from the Rowan Cotton Tape (It's a tape thing) pattern book. Very cool.

We headed to Chaing Mai first and did a 2 day trek which was awesome. We swam by waterfalls and walked through amazing jungly sort of trees, ate curry and thai pancakes in a little thai village, and even slept on the floor in a bamboo hut. Here is AJ by a rice paddy. They are so cool.

This photo is quite embarassing, but those of you who know me will know that my ankles do NOT look like this normally. After a 12 hour flight, a 12 hour bus ride to Chaing Mai and another 12 hour bus ride back to Bangkok a couple days later, my ankles became cankles. My family was brought to tears from laughing so hard, so have a chuckle at my expense.

Hahaha, yeah laugh it up people. Just don't come crying to me when it happens to you. It's traumatizing - you worry that they will never go back to normal. Thank god mine did! Next up we have me on a motorbike by the sea (no I didn't drive it, I was on the back) and then AJ and I at sunset on Koh Lanta. It was by far the most spectacular sunset I have ever seen. It lasted so long. We enjoyed it with my friend from high school Kristin and her boyfriend Mauro.

Here is a picture of AJ bringing me a beer on the beach. This is a little place called Ton Sai and it is very secluded and wonderful. It is a short way from Krabi and around the corner from Raileh. Our little hut only cost 100 Baht/night (about 4 kiwi dollars) but here is the catch - shower and toilet outside, roof and walls didn't meet so mozzie net around the bed and power from 6pm until about 4am. Pretty budget, but alright when you only stay a couple nights. Oh yeah, and these beers were 100 Baht each, so they getcha there too.

Here is the reggae bar that AJ and I went to lots while we were staying in Ton Sai. The guys that worked there were awesome - so laid back. And they laid those mats out at night so you could just lay back and chill while looking up at the stars.

And last one for now is one from the fill moon party on Koh Pah Ngan. Fluorescent paint and blacks lights made it for me. It was a bit pricey to get painted, but looked mean so I had to! Definitely a fun night. A long haul though, AJ and I stayed at the beach until about 7:00 am, went to town for some breakfast (AJ found 1000 Baht on the ground so we had Baileys and coffees and steaks for breakkie - yum!) and then went and crashed out hard. Needless to say the next day was a rough one spent recovering.

My birthday is Sunday so I am having some friends over for drinks and nibbles on Saturday night and then we will hit town. I will most likely take a few pictures and post them next week. Have a good weekend!!

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