Monday, October 22, 2007

Crocheted bolero

I decided to just take a picture of the bolero on its own. I can't be bothered getting all prettied up for the camera right now for a proper picture, but when (if) I can, I'll post it. I have worn it a couple times and I really do love it. It's fuzzy and warm (believe it or not). I must say that this pattern came out of the Debbie Stoller book Stitch n Bitch Crochet - the Happy Hooker. An EXCELLENT buy (as are all her knitting books). It takes you through the basics and onto more advanced crocheting. I would (and do) highly recommend any/all of Debbie Stoller's books if you have any interest in knitting/crocheting.

This is the pattern up close. It is so worth doing and I will probably do it again in another colour/wool for myself if not for someone else.

I put in some hard hours of knitting my army green cardie this weekend (it was labour weekend for us) and I am quite excited to finish that. It is going to be so nice. I wish I had a picture of Jenny, Wallis and I sitting in the living room yesterday all knitting together. I love little knitting groups. Wallis suggested that her mom and I have a knitting night at least once a week. I told her I have a knitting night every day of the week!!


  1. Hi Tarra,

    I was wondering what type of yarn/thread was used in making this bolero. I'm looking for something in a white cotton thread.


    Anita :)