Thursday, November 1, 2007

MAJOR faux pas...

In all my knitting books, there is some mention of the rule that you don't knit a sweater for your boyfriend. You just don't. It's not bad luck, per se, it just sets the knitter up for disappointment and potentially causes unnecesaary tension in the relationship. I broke that rule. Last year I knit AJ a zip-up sweater for his birthday. I wanted to. I adore the guy, so why wouldn't I? I get it, the rule, I do get why it's a bad idea. It takes a long time to knit a sweater (especially for a guy, as most of them don't like cute little cropped or chest-hugging sweaters) and one may feel unappreciated when the sweater is not worn enough, or at all. I put all this aside. I have knit things for people I have just met, or barely know, or friend's of friend's, so I decided that if I could do that I could knit a sweater for my boyfriend. And so far so good. I knit it over a year ago. And even though I have only seen him wear it once - on his birthday last year (keep in mind that he has been travelling since March, so right after our NZ summer, and is now back in Canada so I don't even see him, let alone the sweater) - I don't care. Every hour I spent knitting it was worth it. If he never wears it again, it won't matter. He has something made with love from me. It's too bad the photo is not a bit closer up, because I quite like the detail of the sleeves, but look at how nicely it fits him. I "borrowed" one of his hoodies so I could get the measurements exact. I think is looks great on him, don't you?

I bought this awesome camoflage-coloured wool in Winnipeg at Christmas from my favorite wool store, Ram Wools. I didn't have a plan for it, but because it was camoflage I needed it. They told me it would stripe more than go patchy like camoflage should, but when crocheted into a tuque, it did go camoflage. It's too bad that this photo is also a bit far away, but look at the beautiful background. It's a photo of AJ by a volcano in Indonesia. I still have one more ball and I am making one for me because I love the wool SO much!! (It's my favorite wool to knit with. Most tuques I knit for my friends are in that wool. I forget what it's called, but I'll post it soon. I buy heaps whenever I go back to Canada because it is perfect. A nice weight wool that doesn't itch and one ball is more than enough for a tuque.)

He is so grateful too, which makes a knitter want to knit for that person even more. I am on the sleeves of my army green cardigan, which means that I have lost all interest in it. Plus it is November and time to start knitting Christmas presents. I have to put down the sleeves and go back every so often because I need to start the Christmas tuques. I have SO much wool right now in my room. I wonder if I will get through it all before moving back to Canada? Doesn't matter, I'll squeeze it into my suitcase if I have to!

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