Sunday, September 2, 2007

Chelsea's purses

I don't know anyone who has as many handbags as my sister Chelsea. It's unbelievable. And they are all very stylie. It is quite an honour when she sports a purse that I have knit for her. I made this first one a few years ago and lined it with some black with multi-coloured polka dots material.

I love bamboo handles and always wanted to make a purse with them. This purse is the absolute easiest purse to knit imaginable. You just knit a big rectangle, then wrap the ends over the handle and sew it up. I used thick cotton wool to make it strong enough to not need a lining.

This last purse is my favorite. It is the first thing I have ever felted (on purpose). I knit it with a lightweight wool, and it was so floppy when I finished it that I thought it would be useless, but as soon as I felted it, it got a lot tougher and held it's shape much better. I love the little mini pouch, although I'm not really sure how useful it is!

One day I think I will knit myself a purse. Maybe the felted one. I just have so many people to knit for these days. Maybe if my friends stopped having babies I would have some time to knit for myself!!

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