Monday, September 24, 2007

More baby knits

I finished 3 little baby knits this week. This first one is for my friend Crystal who is due in about 8 weeks, I believe. It is knit in the softest, nicest wool and although it is a bit chunky I think it is quite cute. I love pink with taupe. It is an adaptation of the pattern I used for the next sweater.

You're probably thinking, was it really necessary to post both? They look exactly the same. Yes, it is necessary for a few reasons. The first being that although they look the same, this one has a different cuff and bottom. Secondly, one has stripes and the other doesn't. And the last reason is because I want to mention that the wool for these 2 sweaters cost me, in total, $12. Yeah! I know! Awesome. I love sale wool. Oh, and the best part? They took me less than 4 hours each to knit. Gotta love quick knits.

But this last one is by far my favorite. It is for Amanda's baby, who, for all I know, could be born right now, but I haven't heard anything yet. She is due this week. Anyways, this is a mini version of Chelsea's, but with a hood and a vest instead of full sleeves. It has a little tab with buttons on the front to allow an easier pull over baby's head.

My friend Alaina asked me if I could knit her an adult-sized one. Haha, back of the line, honey. Although I am knitting her a headband like the one I am wearing in the pictures I entered in the calendar contest. That headband is great. It's warm but doesn't mess up your hair like a tuque does!

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