Monday, September 17, 2007

Matthew Isaac Smolenski

I'm in love with this soft, tiny, beautiful little baby boy. He smells so wonderful, he is the lightest little peanut ever. He is so sweet and cute. I just adore him. Mind you, I have only been around him for about an hour, and he slept the whole time.

He was born on August 29th to my friends Shelley and Grant. Apparently the labour wasn't that pleasant. Approximately 24 hours or so and a few stitches. As baby crazy as I am when I hold them, as soon as I see the look on any woman's face when I ask about labour, I instantly realize I am not ready to go through agony like that yet!! (But are we women ever READY for labour??)

So I am now almost finished a little pink sweater for my friend Amanda's baby girl (who is due in a week). I must say it rocks. Amanda and I have very similar taste - so the sweater is pink and black with a black skull on it. I know, I know, so not appropriate for a baby, but I know Amanda will love it. It's kind of a mini version of Chelsea's skull sweater, but the skull is on the front. I will post a picture soon. Then my next task is a baby sweater for my friend Crystal who is due in about 9 weeks. AND THEN I finally get back to knitting for me!! Just kidding, I wish. Then it's time to begin Christmas prezzies. Oh and in between knitting, I have to somehow find time to wirte my thesis.

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