Monday, September 10, 2007

Baby fever

I'm not saying I'm getting sick of knitting mini sweaters and booties and tiny little tuques for babies. I'm not saying that at all. All I'm saying is it would be nice if I had a little break sometime soon so I could get started on Christmas presents for big people. They take longer and Christmas comes way too fast when you are a knitter!!

Having said that, I LOVE knitting for babies. It's quicker and the things are the cutest. I just finished the miniature Highlanders jersey and gave it to Shelley and I must say, I did a great job. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo before giving it to Shell. I may have to sneak a picture next time I am over cuddling sweet little Matthew. He won't fit it for a few months, but right in time for the Super 14 season.

Here is Leni, my good friends Nikki and Jeff's little baby girl, sporting a little cardie I knit her a few months ago. Again with the long arms!! The patterns I follow are always saying to knit 7.5 inch arms. After this one, I have decided to shorten the arms by at least an inch, maybe 2.

Next up I am knitting for my good friend Amanda, who is having a baby girl, and my good friend Crystal, who is also expecting a girl. Didn't I tell you it was nonstop??

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