Thursday, August 23, 2007

More knits!

My sister Chelsea took some pictures so I could show the stuff I have made for her in the past. Check it out:

This one is a skull sweater I knit for her for Christmas last year and a black tuque with cables (hard to see the cables).

This is a scarf I knit her, I don't think you can see how cool the pattern is. It's crisscross rib. I love it!

This is a pink cable tuque I knit for Chels a couple years ago. I sewed little purple star buttons on it for some sass.

This is Chelsea's boyfriend Jered in a tuque I knit for him at Christmas. She gave him the black eye for looking at another girl. Haha, just kidding, he's a rugby player and got it in their championship match - which they won.

I'm pretty much a tuque specialist, as it's an easy present (I can start and finish most tuques in 2 hours) and in a cold canadian winter - extremely useful. But that was before all my friends started having babies. Now I am a baby sweater-knitting machine. Right now I am knitting a little sweater for my friend Shelley's baby boy (unborn) that is a little version of the Highlanders jersey (Shelley and Grant's favorite Super 14 team). Will post it upon completion.

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