Thursday, August 9, 2007

the little knitter??

Funny, I actually haven't posted anything I have knit yet. Since that is semi what this blog is for, I am going to begin with some of my past projects. I am living out of my suitcase at a friends house right now, so I am not really knitting anything, but when I finish a new project I will post a picture of it right away.

Here's some of my collection from 2005:

This is little Sydney, my beautiful friend Tristin's daughter when she was only a few months old. I adapted a pattern for a baby sweater that I knit for little Ella (see below) for finer wool on smaller needles. It is a bit big, but she grew into it. I also had to adapt the pattern for the little bear hood because the pattern made the hood way to big for little Sydney. The bear combo is one of my favorites.

This is little Ella in the sweater I knit for her (Ross and Ang picked out the wool and pattern). Again, a bit big, but she grew into it. She is also modelling Sydney's bear hood as I needed to make sure it would fit and they are like 3 weeks apart. Adorable.

Here are some things from the 2006 collection:

This is a little dress I crocheted for my good friends Chantal and Greg's little baby Ava. It is from a knitting book my Gramma used to knit for my cousin, myself and my sister. The patterns are classic, you just don't see detail like that anymore. I love this dress. Worth the effort.

I have missed about 8 friends weddings since living at the bottom of the world, but none has been more devastating than Tristin's (a best friend) and Jana's (only cousin). I knit them each a garter to wear under their dress. Jana's dress was blue, so she got the white one, Tristin's dress was white, so she got the blue one.

I know, I know, it seems like all I knit is baby stuff, but seriously, it's getting ridiculous! I only know pregnant, trying to be pregnant or recently new mothers. ALL my friends have babies or will in the next sort of 6 months. So my knitting needles seem to only knit baby stuff. I have also knit my sister a couple sweaters, a new tuque, and a purse (which is part of the 2007 collection and I plan on putting up here because it is awesome!), I have knit my best friend Jillie a sweater, my Mum a shawl and a poncho, my Dad some golf club covers, AJ a sweater and a tuque (camouflage - I love it) and countless tuques for friends. But unfortunately I don't have photos of them. It's ok, I have plenty of stuff to show off, and there will definitely be more to come.

I will post the 2007 collection another time.

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