Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Leland's replacement sweater

Sweet little Leland grew out of his blue sweater. Since Leanne and Pre are such strong Nanook Knits supporters (always wear/use what I knit them) I had no problem knitting Leland a new sweater.

I used some chunky acrylic - basically the same stuff I used for the first sweater, but in black instead of grey. My gramma Inez gave me heck for knitting a black sweater for a baby. I am not allowed to knit black for my baby, says Gram.

This sweater pattern is just so easy and always looks so good. I am addicted to knitting seamless patterns because I hate sewing up so much. (I have 3 sweaters and an afghan that have been done for AGES, just sitting in my closet in pieces. I hate sewing up.)

I am hoping Wilson's Greenhouse will be a success, I have a bunch of knitted and crocheted stuff all ready to sell. I also already have a few batches of doggie treats ready. A couple more things to do and I should be good to go!

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