Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas knits

I made some ornaments for people this year. This first picture shows some little mittens I made. I didn't actually knit these. I felted some wool sweaters I bought from VV and then cut out the mitten shape. I think they turned out well and people seemed to like them. My favorites are the striped ones.

I also crocheted a little snowman for my friend Kristen. I found the pattern on Lion Brand Yarn's website.

I crocheted the mitten below for my friend Adriana. She is going to be doing my matt leave at SIAST. She is an amazing person, she has helped me so much and she shares my love for knitting.

I knit the mini sweater ornament below (for some reason even though in my file it is right side up, stupid blogger has decided to turn it sideways and I can't figure out how to change it) for my friend Deb.

And I knit this hat below for Jillie. She is going to Europe for 3 months (today I think...)! I hope this hat will keep her head warm :) I made the pattern up and I quite like it.

I knit a bunch of other stuff but will save them for another post since I show be working right now...

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