Tuesday, February 2, 2010


So everyone knows I LOVE babies. But then, who doesn't. They smell good, the are light and easy to cuddle, they are sooooooo cute. The cons are that they cry, they are ridiculously dependent and you can't put them in the kennel when you go away (like my Bones). I have not been clucky, ever. I thought for sure babies were NOT for me. Never want one. Too much work. But lately, well, I am finally getting a bit clucky.

I mean, look at this kid. He makes me want one! He is so cute I can't handle being away from him. I need to go visit him again. Well, and of course, his parents, my bffs, Pre and Leanne.

I bought him this little camo leisure suit from a garage sale in Regina one wicked Saturday morning "sale-ing" with my favorite cousin, Jana. It was a couple bucks and in good shape, and I just loved it. And look at little Leland in it! I wanna squeeze him.

The toque was knit by yours truly. A little big, but his teeny head will fit into it soon I'm sure. Love little Leland.

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