Sunday, February 10, 2008

I would rather be...

That's the game I play when I get sick of writing (which is pretty much every 5 minutes). I would rather be ... than writing my thesis. I won't say all the things I have thought of, but there's quite a few brutal things that I'm convinced would be more fun than this.

Only 2 more weeks. Only 2 more weeks. Thank friggin god. Anyways, I knit this tuque for my friend Lucky a few weeks ago. It is purple and yellow. But the words I wrote on it for him (at his request) could offend some people (and I'm sure they will offend when he wears it), so I won't post the picture in which you can see what it says.

I am completely exhausted. I barely sleep, and when I do it's not a deep sleep. Why on earth people go on to do a PhD is beyond me. I cannot wait to hand this %$#$*&% thing in. 2 more weeks.

Then I can go back to regular knitting again. I miss it.

Oh and then I get to see my family! And then I get to go home to AJ! So there is quite a big reward to finishing the horrid thesis. 2 more weeks.

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