Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I honestly didn't think I could do it

But I did. I have completed my thesis. It's all done. I know that tomorrow when Chris goes through the entire thing from start to finish, he will have a few suggestions and I will have to make some changes, but it is done. And if I had to hand it in tomorrow, I could. Yay!!

Below is a picture of Leanne with one of the headbands I knit her. It is one of my favorite patterns. It takes probably 45 minutes to knit start to finish and it is just awesome. I have 2 of them. I knit Leanne 2. You can get 2 out of a ball of yarn that is 85 metres long - seriously, how can you go wrong?

Here is Lee and Pre, he is wearing the tuque I knit him for Christmas. I love the wool. I wanted it to go camoflage when knit, but it ended up being stripey. It's ok though, the colours are still good.

Well, it's dinner time and I am going home to look over my thesis with Jenny. I would like her input before I get Chris' tomorrow. He is sort of pedantic and if I go through her first I know where he is being reasonable and where he is just being nit-picky.

Almost there! Yay!

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