Wednesday, June 6, 2007

New stuff

I sort of got sick of BlogSpirit because it is not that user friendly. I see all my friends blogs and they have pictures posted right in their posts and I want that! But try as I may, I can't do that on my other blog. So I thought, stuff it. I'll get a new blog like everyone else's and have fun pictures and stuff like that.
I don't really have much to say right now. I am pretty consumed with the whole "Doug" situation. It's all I can think about. I am getting super behind in work and it sucks, because I leave in less than 5 weeks (YAY!!!) to go meet AJ in Thailand and I have so much to do before then. It's just so hard. The whole ordeal has been very traumatic. I am trying to be strong and move on as fast as I can, but this crazy thing and how it's affecting me, well, I have no control over it... yet. One day soon I will have my sanity back.
New Zealand is heading in to winter, and fast. It went from nice autumn weather with the leaves falling and the odd hot day, to cold and rainy with the odd frost. It's ok because I am staying in a house (my boss fro the gym) for the next month and they have a cozy warm house with a heat pump which I of course have cranked all the time. I am looking after their 20 year-old (yes, 20, not a typo) cat who is super cute even though I don't like cats. She's blind and slow and does cute quirky little things. She actually looks and acts like an old lady. She sits really slowly (probably so she doesn't break a hip) and sometimes she drools, poor thing. But it's nice to have something to look after right now.
I should probably get started today. I am pretty slack since the "incident", I can't concentrate at all. But at least I have started to actually do things in the lab again. I think my supervisor is pretty worried that I won't finish my thesis. But I will. I always finish things I start. I will finish and and it in on time. That's all for now.

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