Monday, June 11, 2007

More smiles

I had a nice long chat with Ross and Ang last night. That always make me feel better. And of course had some little comments thrown in from Ella. Hearing that sweet little baby voice always makes me happy. They were here awhile ago and I was lucky enough to go to dinner with them and brunch the next day! It was great since I haven't had the chance to see them much since Gisborne in October (which is where the picture below was taken). Here are some pictures from the last time I saw them. Ella can fully talk now, in sentences, and she says the most adorable things. She read to me (sort of) at the restaurant and it was too cute. I hate that they live so far away because it is so hard for to get away from Hamilton to get down to Hawkes Bay for a weekend. I am going to try once I am back from Thailand to get down there (if Chris lets me - the pressure is majorly on) but if all else fails, I will definitely spend a good 2 weeks with them before I leave the country to go home.

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