Friday, December 4, 2009

My First Craft Sale

So here is the latest picture of Bones. He is getting so big. It has taken a colder turn here in S'toon and he is a huge wimp (not that I wouldn't be too). He hates going outside to pee, etc, and on walks he periodically limps through the snow and licks his feet to warm them up. Poor thing, little does he know that this -10 C business is nothing compared to what is to come. We are going to buy him little dog boots. And I am going to knit him a sweater.

Tristin brought the kids by the craft sale on Saturday. Chels got Ryder to try this hat on and we all decided he looked so cute, he had to have it. I am going to make strings for the ear flaps.

Here's all my hats! I knit between 30-35 for the craft sale. I sold about 20 preknit hats and then had about 10 custom orders, which I am working away at right now. I knit hats for 3 people during the craft sale which they picked up and were happy with. So I anxiously await a day where I can point someone out and say - Hey! I knit that!

So I also had homemade doggie biscuits that I baked all week. Peanut butter, banana buckwheat, peas n cheese, sweet potato and carrot oat, and bison bones. They sold like crazy! People love pampering their dogs. And on the far left there are some Christmas ornments I felted and needle-felted.

Below are the peanut butter bones before hitting the oven,

and after.

I was the only one selling homemade dog biscuits (I'm not that surprised), and I am definitely going to do it again next year. I even got AJ to taste some of them for me to see how they were. He said the peanut butter ones were too dry, but the sweet potato carrots were a bit better. Refused to try the bison bones (I used ground bison). Of course I tried them out on Bones, but since he likes garbage I couldn't really trust his opinion. If he didn't like them, I would have been concerned.

Not much longer till Christmas!

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  1. tarra, you had the best booth at the craft sale!!!!
    xo trissy