Sunday, December 13, 2009

Boneses new boots

Boneses new boots
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It is BLOODY FREEZING here in SK. I pretty much hate the prairies all winter. It has been below minus 20 for a week now and I often question why anyone in their right mind lives here. Or, why AJ and I do, anyway. We have both lived in warm, or at least mild climates. This is just silly. Anyways, our poor little puppy basically has a brushcut for fur and ends up limping or crying when we walk him because the ground in so cold. We have a hoody and down doggy jacket for him, so his body is warm, but the little paws suffer. So we bought him these Mutt Luks. He didn't even try to bite them off or anything, he just walked around being hilarious and I had to video it. I was in tears he looked so funny. Enjoy.

PS. Now that he has warm body and warm feet, we realize he needs warm ears. His floppy little (actually huge) ears get so cold and now I have to somehow design a dog toque that will stay on to keep his ears warm. I'm thinking Weimaraners are not really meant to live in the Canadian prairies....

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