Thursday, January 22, 2009

Toronto was fantastic!

I Had the greatest time in Toronto! Lots of shopping and girl time with Jillie Bean (vintage shopping, shopping in stores we don't have in Saskie, and even tried on a few wedding dresses...) and a crazy fun National Sales Meeting.

On the first night we had an awards dinner. A bit long and boring, but we had olympic gold medal winner Catriona Le May-Doan speak, and she was pretty interesting and motivational. My work partner Robin and I thought it would be neat to take a picture with her gold medal. It will be the only time either of us will ever hold one.

Below is a picture of my whole work team (Saskatchewan on the left, manager in purple in the middle and Manitoba on the right). We had such a fun dinner and then a couple (too many) drinks. Tuesday morning came too quick. But we all made it through to Wednesday.

Then last weekend AJ and I went to Emma Lake with our friends Kirk and Renee. It was amazing. The weather warmed up nicely and we had many hot tubs, went zipping around on snowmobiles and on Saturday Renee and I went snowshoeing. The weather was beautiful. Not January-like at all. Hopefully it'll hold for awhile. While we were at the lake I knit up this slouchy hat.

I made up the pattern. It's very similar to one I made Chels a year or so ago, but hers fits tighter. I really like slouchy right now. I have more of this wool and will probably do another one. Don't know who for, but it doesn't matter. Really I should be finishing the snugs and knitting up some baby clothes for my friends who have recently had or are going to have babies. But there's plenty of time for that!!

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