Friday, January 16, 2009

Chelsea's Snugs

So I found the cutest pattern ever, especially for someone like Chels, who pretty much wears slippers 24/7. They're called Snugs and they are sort of like Ugg boots, but knit, and felted and a million times less expensive. Here are my snugs-in-progress.

I know, they look very ugly, right? Just wait until you see the final product. The pink is the outside and the green is going to line them. I have high hopes for these snugs. I have a little snugs pattern for babies and kids and will probably make some for special little tykes.

I was just in Toronto for a week to visit my bestie and to attend a national sales meeting for work. It was great. I love Toronto. I'll post pics another time. Off to the lake this weekend!

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