Sunday, March 18, 2012


I booked a table at a craft sale... But this one will be different! It's called True Knit and it's in Regina and I believe way cooler people have tables and go to it than at Wilson's. Plus the table is cheaper, and it's one day intstead of 3. It's May 5th and I'm very excited! Since we are now heading into spring here in Canada, I can't really sell hats, mitts and scarves as I do in November. I have some ideas and once I have made some things I will definitely post them.

Here are a couple things that I made in the past year. I made a few of these hat and mitt sets for Wilson's:

I made some green ones, some brown ones, some of the hats had litte ears. All of them sold except for this set so I kept it for Alaina.

I also made these mitts for Jana. They are a superfine merino wool, which ended up being really thin. Since Jana lives in Edmonton and their winter is fairly similar to ours (freezing), I decided to line them with blue mohair (which is actually very easy to do).

I also made Jana this headband. She has one like it but wanted another one. It is made with the softest, most beautiful wool. It is basically a rectangle knit in stockinette stitch for 16 inches. Then I gathered it on the ends and sewed it up bunchy. Then picked up stitches along one side, decreased at the end of every row until the strap was about 3/4" wide. Knit until it was long enough to reach the other side, then cast off. I sewed a button on the end of the strap, made a little loop on the other side to hold the button and voila! I bought some yarn to make myself one, but of course I haven't had time yet :)

With less than two months to go until True Knit, I have set myself a schedule to make sure I stay on track and get stuff done. I will post as I go. I'm pumped about this show. It's going to be great!

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