Thursday, May 15, 2008

I miss my dog

I miss Tiki. This dog is the greatest dog ever. I am so in love with him. I want a dog because I miss Tiki so much, but I am afraid that my dog won't be as amazing as Tiki. He is so adorable and so well-behaved. I miss walking him and playing with him. Look at him!! He is so great.

My Noro came in the other day so I have to get cracking on my sister's legwarmers. I hope to have them done when AJ and I drive through Regina. So much to do with moving all my parents stuff, I hardly have time to knit!


  1. Oh Tarra whisky's feelings are so two timer! LOL
    Whisky still loves you and hopes that you haven't forgotten about him over the last 3 year.
    He longs for your visit to play with him in mountains again and know he that he still holds the title of the greatest dog eva!
    xoxox Lee

  2. Oh, of course I love Whisky!! And I miss him tons. Tiki was just sort of my dog for a couple years, so I got quite attached to him. But Whisky still is the greatest.

  3. Aww Tiki is so cute! But do you know what I miss??? Tar-rah updating her blog! =) hope the new job is going well chicky and the fandangle i-pod... perhaps you could tell us all about it via blog! xx